I started the Sheetrock job at 133 Indian Hill Road with a quote from Vineyard Detail Painting that was to include all of the floors and leave us with a product ready for paint.

At the end of the project I was told that the quote was not going to include any of the walls that simply needed repair or any of the walls in the basement around the new bath that was getting framed.

The cost to finish this work was to be $2,500. I refused and paid VDP what we agreed was owed.

I then hired Farofa who was recommended by Tiago of Vineyard Flooring. The cost was going to be $2,500 and include all of the areas not done by VDP including the basement stairs and the new basement bathroom but NOT the basement ceiling or any areas not part of the west basement wall.

I then left the island and put the job into Rob Courcier’s hands. I then was told that Farofa did not do the work as requested.

The next thing I heard was that the basement was not done and neither was the stairs. I raised this with Farofa in the next text and he agreed to do the work but never did.

Not sure what will be done at the point. Rob Courcier has, at his own expense, finished the work up. Farofa has been paid $3,000 for the work he did. I will be out to see the work in two weeks and we can hopefully fix this mess.