Hi there!

I’ve been coming to the vineyard since 1955. My parents bought a home in Edgartown and I spent an idyllic youth sailing, playing tennis and generally hanging around with my friends.  Now that family home is a vacation rental. You can see it on our website www.captainmorsehouse.com

In late 2017 I decided to buy 133 Indian Hill Road. The original plan was to improve the property to the tune of $300,000 and then re-sell the property. We screwed up and spent A LOT more than our budget. How much? How about 1 million dollars – three times the original $300,000. The results were good though and we are proud of the results.

We have given up on selling the house for now, or at least are resigned to owning it for longer than we planned. If you are interested in buying it then please let me know. In the meantime we are living here in the spring and fall and when we are not in residence we are doing some rentals to people that will treat the home well. If that is you then please make an inquiry.

I have lived on the island a long time. I can assist the first time or seasoned vineyard traveler towards having your best vacation ever.



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Platt on the covered porch during construction