Tenant Manual

 Tenant Manual for printing (may not be totally current)


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Welcome to Sunnyside

Indian Hill Road is a secluded family compound of 4.3 acres in West Tisbury located on the North Shore’s Beautiful Indian Hill Road. The property is private and quiet yet within a short walk or drive to other areas on the island. The home is located on a hill with beautiful stone work and tree top views. Truly magical spot with several place to gather and enjoy nature while surrounded by beautiful plantings, a mature Beech Grove and old growth forest. Even though this manual is quite detailed and mentions a lot of dos and don’ts they are all designed to help you enjoy Indian Hill Road and your Island experience.

Before Arrival – The house is accessed by a key and will be left open for your arrival

You cannot check in BEFORE your lease starts, usually 3:00 pm – You must be 100% out of the house at your lease end, usually 10:00am

It takes us the full five hours to turn the house over IF everything goes well. The cleaners will start on the outside as early as 9:00am

Upon Arrival – Important Notes

  • ROLLER BAGS SHOULD BE CAREFULLY CARRIED ON THE STAIRS Be careful when moving, bags, chairs or tables on the newly re-finished floors. If protective scuff pads are missing there are plenty of extras in the hall closet.
  • NO FOOD OR SODA IS ALLOWED ABOVE THE FIRST FLOOR – This attracts ants and can cause additional cleaning
  • In early spring or late fall the hot water heater may be on pilot. If the hot water is cold go the water heater and slide the red rectangular switch next to the tank temperature from PILOT to ON (do not turn to off!)
  • Most importantly:
    Use the outdoor shower as much as possible and especially after trips to the beach. We are on a septic system and currently, there is an “island-wide” moratorium on septic pumping. The previous guests were just two people for the month so the system is fine now but we both do not want any problems.
    The less water running into the septic system the better

The House

This is our personal home with many antiques and fragile personal items in it. Please treat it with the respect it deserves. Use this rule “always leave a rented house better than when you found it”. Now you are reading this but many of your guests may not. If they won’t it is your responsibility to educate them, especially children, as to the proper care of the house and the furnishings. For children rough housing is not something that you should allow. There is an enormous yard that is perfect for that. On a rainy day the garden level is a good spot for active kids. If you want anything temporarily removed (within reason) or child proofed please let us know as soon as you can.

Please email us if you have any comments to improve the house or this manual.


133 Indian Hill Rd
West TIsbury, MA 02575

MAILING ADDRESS (avoid USPS/DHL if at all possible)

House Phone  – none

Most of our guests are are independent and understand that our island team members have other clients and families. Recently a few guests have over done the phone calls and requests. This added undue stress to our partners during the busy Vineyard season. Because of this we have had to implement a new policy.

Contacts: All communications during your stay are free when you use:  support@captainmorsehouse.com
Several people monitor this email address so your chance of getting a timely reply is excellent.
If time is of the essence then please call us.
There is no charge for emergency calls but an abuse of available phone support may result in a charge for  telephone calls.

Emergency: Dial 911 then call this list in order. The owner is your first call. I live off island (3 hours behind the East Coast). IF the owner is unavailable then call the caretaker.

  1. Caretaker Andora Aquino Cell: 607-244-9527
  2. Owner – Platt Johnson 401-575-0328
  3. Emergency Caretaker Heidi Raihoffer Cell: 508-274-6312

Other Contacts

  • Cleaning:
  • Andora Aquino Cell: 607-244-9527
  • Ariana Leoncio (774) 563-1404  arianaleoncio@gmail.com If you wish to have an additional cleaning during your stay please call the caretaker for the info on our cleaners.
  • Trash Collection – Bruno Disposal 508-693-5454  TRASH PICK UP EVERY WEDNESDAY –  RECYCLING SATURDAY August 8th 2020 and then every other week. Check Schedule under the Up Island: West Tisbury Calendar Here
  • PlumbingElectric – Call the caretaker
  • Supplies – We provide starter amounts of Paper Towels, soap and Toilet Paper. Please purchase only septic safe Toilet Paper.


FIRES: DO NOT MAKE A FIRE – illegal for open fires

ALARM:  The house is equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers and an Abode alarm system. The hub is in the Art Studio

DOORS: Locking the doors is your call but we do not do that ourselves.

LOCKED DOORS: Opening an interior door that you find locked will automatically lose you your security deposit.

CRITTERS AND OUTSIDE DANGERS: The beaches, tall grasses and woods are filled with ticks, deer ticks and poison ivy. Inspect yourself and your children carefully for ticks after any outing and wash thoroughly if you come in contact with poison ivy.
Flies can get in house – keep doors closed. Open windows for venting.
We recommend showering each evening and carefully checking yourself and your partner for ticks. The deer tick is extremely small. About the size of a poppy seed. We also apply tick spray to our shoes, ankles and pants to discourage them from climbing up.


FIRE – POLICE – ACCIDENT: 911 is the emergency number – If Fire locate the closest fire extinguisher and use it. Do not use water on any grease fires.


TAKE PICTURES OF THE EVENT AND MAKE AN INCIDENT REPORT: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How! (back to top)

Trash & Recycling

See the Schedule Above – this is detailed information
Trash bin is the gray building to the west of the main house. Do not leave trash outside of the bins or skunks will have a field day.

Often arriving guests will show up Sunday and see the barrels filled to the brim. This is because they either missed a pickup or the guests did not put out the trash.
To prevent this for the next guests please do the following. On Tuesday before the Wednesday pickup and Friday before the Saturday recycling (the day before trash days) make sure all trash in the house is in the bins. They come by very early. When you leave at the end of your rental make sure that all trash is out of the house and in the bins.

Wednesday is for trash . Trash is anything that is not recycling such as plastic wrappers. Service is every week.
Saturday Recycling comes every other week.  Wash all cans and bottles completely before putting them into recycling.
DO NOT USE plastic bags for collecting your recycling. These are a violation of Single Stream Recycling. Cardboard, paper, cans and bottles all go in one bin. but not any plastic trash bags.

Put all refuse in the trash cans inside of the trash bin and in the grey trash shed. Skunks are a problem so nothing should be left outside of the bins.
For extra pickups call Bruno Disposal 508-693-5454 (back to top)

Damages & Security Deposit

The House Captain or person in charge of the rental should carefully inspect the premises upon arrival. Any previous damage to the premises must be reported to support@captainmorsehouse.com via email with pictures within 6 hours of the start of your lease.
We strive to keep the home in great shape for every guests arrival and double check it on each turnover however we are only human. If you see anything amiss (for example 3 candle sticks when 4 is normal, a broken window etc.) please bring it to our attention. This is for your protection. If there is damage or missing items we find upon the end of your stay we will assume that it happened during your visit. An email with pictures is the only way to properly notify us. Send to support@captainmorsehouse.com

The best thing you can do to prevent damage is to make sure that the other people in the house are familiar with this manual. With a large crowd of people there is the chance that some will not be as careful as you are. If there is damage please discuss it with the caretaker of manager in advance of our discovering it. We want to be as fair as possible with all of our tenants while still keeping the house at its current level.  Please treat the house just like it was your own home and try to leave it “better than you found it.”

Parties, events and retreats

You are renting Indian Hill Road exclusively for your under roof guests to use as living space.

If you wish to host an event at the house please see contact us. Additional charges apply depending on the size of the event.
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Heat, AC & Energy


THERMOSTAT NOTES – Here is an explanation of how the thermostats run.
I like to only run the 1st floor AC but the choice is yours.

The 1st-floor fan will run automatically every 5 minutes

1st Floor – Alexa powered Ecobee Thermostat. You can say “Alexa turn the thermostat to cool” “Alexa turn the thermostat off” “Alexa lower the temperture 2 degrees”

2nd and 3rd floors – Turn mode to cool and set temperature – these are manual thermostats. If the 3rd floor is unoccupied you can open the windows a bit to vent the heat and simply leave the two thermostats off.

Never set the Fan to ON – only use Auto. Turning the fan to ON will have no effect on the temperature. It simply just moves air around.

Let us know if you are not comfortable and we will adjust the automatic settings until you are.

ENERGY TIPS: Smart energy management at the house is done as follows. This is what was done before the home got central AC in 2009. I lived here and it was fine as long as you do the following.

  • Close all windows on the (SOUTH) side of the house during the day.
  • Turn off all lights when not needed. They produce a lot of heat.
  • Raise the windows (especially on the North side) and open the attic windows and the doors at the base of the attic stairs.
  • Close windows when rain is coming or if evening fog is thick.
  • Do not run the HVAC with the windows and doors open – this will result in wasted energy.
  • DO NOT RUN THE AC in different modes on the third floor. If one is cool they should both be cool.
  • Fill the dishwashers and clothes washing machines completely before using.
  • Hang towels up to allow them to air dry.

ATTIC SPECIAL NOTES:  It is common for the 3rd floor to get warm.

  • AC – off during the day. Running the AC in the day is useless since there is no one there.
  • WINDOWS – Open the windows 6″.

Detailed HVAC information for interested people and contractors is here

We have contracted with Con Edison Solutions through Cape Light Compact. This program uses 25% Biomass & Solar and 75% low impact Hydro and charges 11.1 cents/kWh however YOU make the most difference in energy use. You will know how many kWh you used during your stay.
For more information see http://www.capelightcompact.org and also http://www.conedsolutions.com


 YARD: We have installed at great expense a new lawn. Due to the high traffic and the amount of shade in the back yard the lawn can be beaten up and take months to recover. With an average of 15 tenants a year this lawn cannot survive hard use. I ask you to please treat it gently and not allow gatherings or  rough play that will cause damage to the lawn. Just use some judgement. The lawn needs to be in the same condition when you leave as how you found it, or better. No water toys such as pools and Slip & Slides or hoses can be used on the lawn.

DECK: Lower and secure the umbrellas each evening or if windy to prevent damage to furniture. Please move the cushions from the outside of the covered porch if it rains. Cushions close to the edge of the covered porch will get wet.


Please place all bikes and beach gear into the music studio. This is the red building at the bottom of the hill. Additional beach chairs are in the basement next to the walkout stairs.

The shower is solar. The water heats up with the sun on it over the course of the day.

Utilities: If you want to track the Electrical usage the meter is just across the driveway. The Gas meter is under the black plastic lid 125 yards to the east of the house on the right side of the driveway.

Grill: We have a Bull BBQ Gas Grill. The bottle is full. Please read the detailed notes on operation are here.

Gas Grill located on patio

TO LIGHT: Turn on bottle first then the grill. The igniters should all work well

TO TURN OFF: Turn off grill first then turn off bottle. Please return the grill to the condition you found it in.

There are spare gas bottles in the tool shed. We try to have enough gas on hand however if you run out you can re-fill at either Vineyard Propane at 6 N. Line Rd., Edgartown, MA (near airport open only Monday – Friday) or DeBettencourts Garage 83 New York Avenue Oak Bluffs, MA 508-693-0751 (open weekends) – Drive through Oak Bluffs as if going to Vineyard Haven. DeBettencourts is on the right with brick columns in front of the gas pumps.

MANUAL LIGHTING: There is a lighter with a long neck located in the drawer to the left of the stove in Kitchen #1 (front). We keep the grill accessories there as well.

    1. Turn on bottle first then grill. Turn off grill first then turn off bottle.
    2. If the auto igniters are temperamental. Use the long lighter (drawer to left of main stove) to ignite the lighter port while pressing the knob in. The lighter port is the upper left hole of the front four. You will see a long flame and it will light the burner. Release the knob once lit.
    3. If you have low flame or poor power it may be caused by not doing the 1st step correctly. This is how to reset the regulator.
      1. To correct low flame do these steps EXACTLY IN THIS ORDER.
      2. Turn off the gas at the propane tank.
      3. Disconnect the gas line from the tank.
      4. Open the grill lid.
      5. Turn all control valves to high.
      6. Wait for about a minute. Also rap the regulator with a screwdriver – sometimes it sticks.
      7. Turn all control valves to off.
      8. Reconnect the gas line to the tank.
      9. VERY SLOWLY turn on the gas at the tank.
      10. Light the grill normally. Your grill should now heat normally.
      11. If it doesn’t work then repeat the above steps.


The driveway is odd shaped. Keep an eye on the east grass side and park parrallel to that side to start.

Extra parking is down the East side of the hill to the North of the red building near the tent

Toys – Sports

Yoga Mats are located in the 2nd floor broom closet
Beach towels and in Bathroom #2 linen closet on the 2nd floor. The thinner Turkish towels are fast drying and preferred.
No inflatable pools or slip and slides or water toys of any kind are to be used on the lawn.
The Red Music Studio needs to be kept closed at all times.
If you wish to use any of our standard bicycles you can as you have signed the bike release .
Otherwise you and your guests do not have permission to use them.

The two HIGH END locked mountain bikes with full suspension are only available for rent with a separate agreement.
The rules and suggestions for bike use are here.
You are responsible for repairs. For additional bikes or accessories we recommend any of these shops.

You can use anything in the tool shed but please put it all NEATLY back when done. (back to top)

Inside Spaces


The Kitchen is brand new. Try preparing lunch on trays and take to the deck. The refrigerator in the front should have the freezer set to 0 and the fridge set to 37.

Microwaves:  The  microwave operates a bit like a iPhone. Use the three line icon to access options. Manuals for both of these are located in the cabinets near them.

Dishware and utensils: These are all inventoried and accounted for. Breakage will be charged to the tenant.
We hate dull knives so have supplied excellent sharp knives – DO NOT place in dishwasher – simply dry and return to rack.
The nicer china is stored in the hutch and is not for general use. The sturdier and more durable china is to the right of the sink.

Votives candle holders are in cabinet to right near the dining room table.
You will need to buy the little votive candles for them. Do not burn any other type of candle in the house.

Ants are a problem on a sandy island. Terminix comes to the house several times a season but you will probably still see some ants around. Try to reduce their food by keeping the kitchen extra clean and by not bringing food to the rooms upstairs. Please report the presence of any other pests so we can take care of them.

 Bigger desk can be set up if needed.

The basement light is on a dimmer. If it’s not full power the staircase light will flicker. 

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Linens & Laundry

The beds are all made. Extra towels and linens are located inside the 2nd bathroom. We provide you access to extra linens HOWEVER please realize the more laundry you use the more the turnover will cost.

Missing or damaged towels, robes and linens will charged to the guest’s security deposit at retail replacement prices plus 25%.

When you depart just leave the sheets on the bed they came from.

You may use the laundry. Be careful as these are complex machines. Please review the video here – note that ONLY HE detergent is to be used in the machines. The manual is available here.

The cleaners work very hard to prepare the home for you. If you liked their work please express your thanks with a tip.(back to top)

Food and Shopping

If you have ever rented a house before and found it devoid of everything including salt & pepper then you will be pleasantly surprised. We aim to always have some basic kitchen staples on hand so to eliminate duplication please check the kitchen before you go shopping

There are many farmers markets on the island. The local spots we use are at this link.

Bedrooms and Sleeper Sofa

We have provided a sleeper sofa in the garden level family room. The sheets, pillow cases etc. are in the closet next to the bathroom or next to the bed.

If you are a late sleeper I would recommend bringing eye shades and ear plugs. The sun wakes up early and we have no window shades. It will also be noisy with so many people is such a large house.

We make a concerted effort to insure that all of our beds are properly made up with quality sheets but sometimes the laundry will mix up our with others. Let us know if this occurs so that we can take care of it.

Alarm & Cameras

The home has an alarm beyond smoke and CO2.
There is an exterior camera on the covered porch watching the parking lot.
There is an interior camera in art studio is part of alarm and can’t be turned off but can be turned around


The Indian Hill Road has the latest in technology. Communication services are provided by Comcast 800 COMCAST – Account # 8773105170026798

Wireless HP Printer is accessible if it is turned on. The printer is located in the 1st-floor bedroom. Paper and ink and office supplies is in the Swedish console, currently in the dining room. If you use the last inkjet cartridge please replace via Amazon – Link


The Main House guest network ID is indianhillmain and the password is indian133

There is also a property WiFi indianhill and the password is indianhill

You can also connect to XFinityWiFi using your personal account information is you are a XFinity / Comcast subscriber

We have Internet access via a wireless network. The setup is complex and is NOT guaranteed to work during your stay. It is provided as an amenity with no guarantee of service. This is due to the remote and flaky nature of providing such a hi-tech service on an island.

The system consists of the following.
A Gateway – Arris Gateway Modem/Router/telephony box that is provided by Xfinity – Comcast. This is located in the tree house. (indianhill and Xfinitywifi)
A Router – Netgear R900p Router connected by RJ 45 cable to the gateway. Located inside the basement utility room. (indianhillmain)
A Extender – TP-Link Extender – on the west wall near the fridge (extends indianhill SSID)

The security is provided by WPA2-PSK (AES) – we do not support lower security than this. You can read why here.

To Reset the system, for example after a Power Failure

  • Go to basement and turn off the NetGear router.
  • Go to the tree house and unplug the Gateway.
  • wait 60 seconds
  • To turn everything back on go outside and plug the power back into the Gateway
  • After 60 seconds turn the Netgear back on in the basement
  • After 60 seconds plug the Extender in


If you experience a power failure please turn off all computers, monitors and attached peripherals then turn off the UPS (if provided) in the basement. You will notice a beeping from downstairs that will continue until the UPS is turned off. To restore the cable and internet you may need to go into the basement and reset the system.

The manager will charge you $50 to reset the WiFi if you have not attempted these trouble shooting tips. They are easy to do and something that any owner of a house with WiFi has to do from time to time.

TV and Audio Video

We provide XFinity Internet service at the home and you can access your personal accounts from the menu.

Turn TV on, then hit home. Use your home accounts. Both of the TVs are in guest mode so you can erase your personal accounts at the end of your stay.

We take no responsibility for purchases made on your account after your stay. It is your responsibility to erase them when you leave.

Setting up Roku for guest mode Link.   Guest Operation of Guest Mode Link.

The JBL Xtreme speaker connects to any phone via Bluetooth. Just turn it on and press the Bluetooth logo on the top of the speaker until you hear it go Ding. Then pair your phone to “JBL Xtreme”.There is a charging cord in case the JBL battery runs down. Excellent sound and it’s portable.

Indian Hill Road
(all terms and conditions subject to change without notice)
(Note that this online version of the manual is always the most recent version)

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